Over a month ago I posted about my visit to the Symes Transfer Station. Here are some of the photos I took that cold, strange smelling, day. Advertisements

I wrote a piece for BlogTo on the recent micro-performance interventions held in Kensington Market. Operating under the name MARKIT, these artists are protesting the proposed entry of big business in and around the market. Interested? Click here to read

I’m working on a piece about Urban Exploration. It is proving to be difficult. People don’t want to talk to me and when they do they refuse to speak in person, on the phone, or give me their actual names. The easiest part of this story has been getting the photos. And that entails getting […]

I wrote for BlogTo. It got published. This is my first published work that wasn’t through a Humber publication. I covered a photography event, the release of the photo book “Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30.” The event was great. Wonderful work and the artists were so kind and open to speaking with me. The theme […]

Running from November 30th to December 16th, The Toronto Christmas Market held in the Historic Distillery District draws crowds from all over. 2012 marks the third year the Christmas Market has been running in Toronto. Lowe’s home improvement is the main sponsor of the market, with separate areas like Santa’s Lane and The South Pole […]

The third semester of my journalism program is days away from being over. This is the half-way point. 50% of my program is done. Even though we have another 4 months of work until we chose our final year path (print or broadcast), I’d venture to say the majority of my classmates already know which […]

While many Torontonians focused on the Grey Cup’s centennial game Sunday, others gathered to hear stories of the triumphs and future goals of the charity, Greenhope for Children. Greenhope, a foundation that provides scholarships for youth in developing countries, hosted a screening of their recent works in Rwanda at the Metro Central YMCA. The documentary […]