Monthly Archives: October 2012

Student Online Dating

Students looking for ways to meet people now have a new option at The website, founded by young Ottawa entrepreneurs Marc Chouinard and Christopher Gimmer, is a unique online dating service that caters exclusively to college and university students. Read the entire story at the Humber Et Cetera Advertisements

Storify – Armstrong’s Fall

Lance Armstrong was a beloved star athlete who raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charity. Then came a July 2012 report by the US Anti-Doping Agency, charging Armstrong with using performance enhancing drugs. Stripped of all titles post-1998 it appears Armstrong is at the mercy of the public. Read the continuation of this at […]

Visit to the Canada Linseed Oil Factory

The Canada Linseed Oil Factory sits in the far southeast corner of Toronto’s Sorauren Park. Closed in the 1960’s, the abandoned factory is a dark, damp, and disgustingly dirty home to an innumerable amount of pigeons, travellers, street kids and everything in between. Yet, I’ve never been able to forget about it. Back in high […]

Much Too Much

Sometimes being a journalism student means knowing more than you want to. My field of study requires that I’m constantly plugged in. We’re taught the value and importance of always being connected to news sources. This means my Google reader is the first website I check in the morning. This means CP24 is on in […]