Symes Transfer Station

I’m working on a piece about Urban Exploration. It is proving to be difficult. People don’t want to talk to me and when they do they refuse to speak in person, on the phone, or give me their actual names.

The easiest part of this story has been getting the photos. And that entails getting into abandoned places, usually surrounded by fences, boarded and welded shut.

My partner-in-crime from the summer’s voyage to the Canada Linseed Oil Factory, Robin, graciously accompanied me again on a visit to the New York Pork & Food Exchange. Unfortunately, the New York Pork & Food Exchange building is gone.

Luckily, Robin and I are natural explorers and upon seeing a large dilapidated building slightly in the distance, we forged on. Yes, we may have thought it was the long-gone abattoir, but we still tried.

This is how we found ourselves inside the fence, but outside of, the  Symes Transfer Station. From the 30’s, the building used to house and burn, Toronto’s trash.

We weren’t able to get directly inside the building (there was one small basement window that could have been a point of entry, but damn was it dirty and unfortunate looking) but the outside gave us more than enough.

I don’t want to post a ton of my pics because they might be placed in Scribe Magazine, but here’s one just for context.



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