About The Author

Hi! I’m Victoria.

This is my work. I guess it’s something of an online portfolio, but for me, it’s really just a way to keep together all my work from over the years. It’s a bit easier said than done, considering the kind of work I’ve been in and produced. My path to writing hasn’t been as straightforward as I initially had hoped. After graduating journalism school (where I wrote for online, newspapers, magazines, radio, television and any other medium you can think of) I went headfirst into the hustle and bustle of health food store clerk. Or rather, I upped my hours at the store I had been working at during my education.


Ancient ruins have this effect on me. (Peru, 2015.)

Obviously employers weren’t exactly chasing me down with job offers. So, I applied, interviewed and waited. After about six to eight months of the same I threw caution to the wind, and my savings at a three month trip to Peru. While the trip did ultimately delay my entrance into the workforce for a bit longer I have no regrets. I learned an abysmally small amount of Spanish and got to see and live in the country half of me is from.

After that I found myself learning the ropes at a PR firm (which, while a horrific work environment, did teach me about press release, media advisory and advertorial writing), doing a short stint in clickbait authorship and now, interning in a writing and social media capacity for an amazing food publication.

I’m starting a new position soon in the world of copy editing and marketing and I cannot wait to keep learning. My goal is to focus more towards food writing and recipe development and once I get my gigantic backlog of old work posted here, I hope to start sharing my thoughts, recipes and progress towards the world of a full-time writer.





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