One of the benefits of being a Toronto based band is the convenience of endless performance spaces. Whether they’re scattered across the Danforth, cloistered on Queen West or up and down the Ossington strip, Toronto bands have plenty of accessible options of potential gig spaces. Unfortunately for Dave Fontaine, the lead singer of Souls, living […]

  Humber students were given the opportunity to see into their futures at the Humber Students’ Federation Psychic Fair. The Nov. 15 event at North campus featured three psychics that gave students the option of a one on one session or a tarot card reading. One of them, tarot card reader Indigo, started working in […]

What’s the deal with all the frozen yoghurt in Toronto? That was the premise of my Toronto Fro-Yo (yes, Fro-Yo) Boom map. When you’re in the Annex as much as I am and see three frozen yoghurt places open, and stay open, in the span of a year, it prompts some questions. From what I […]

Females in male dominated fields may be contributing to discussion up to 75% less than their male counterparts. An August study by scholars at Brigham Young, Princeton and Portland State universities found that in male dominated workplaces females are less likely to speak their opinions. While the study pertains directly to women in the workplace, […]

Career services in post-secondary institutions are proving beneficial to students looking to enter the working world, according to a report released by the Council of Ontario Universities. Students with access to work-study and career service programs are better prepared for the workforce then those without, the study found. The report, titled #MyCareer: How Ontario university […]

The Canadian Federation of Students is taking its battle to the frontlines by meeting with the federal government to discuss easing student debt and making education more accessible. Drafted in 2011, the Public Education for the Public Good proposal outlines CFS’ ideas to improve Canada’s post-secondary education system. The Federation is advising the government to […]

Humber College is looking to develop its own app for users to call campus security, director of public security Pervez Ditta said. “We’re exploring a couple of options,” said Ditta. “We haven’t identified which model we’re going with but we are looking at having something in place in the next 12 months.” Toronto Police 23 […]